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#815 DAY SALE! Believe — 256 Page Book — Signed!

Image of #815 DAY SALE!  Believe — 256 Page Book — Signed!
On sale

In celebration of my hometown's city-wide August 15th sale (8.15) — the day where local businesses sell Rockford related area code garbage to Rockford loving weirdos who've forgotten that pride is a sin at its core — all copies that I have in stock here in my studio of the Rockford-loving, best-selling book, "Believe," are available for sale: $81.50! That's right, today only! $81.50! 256 pages loaded with romance, crime, adventure, mystery, ignorant white people, pizza, SEX, lots of SEX, dirty politicians, soap, soup, bread, and fried chicken!

Limited 2017 2nd Edition Series (numbered and dated) Signed by Andy Whorehall— the book's illustrator and contributing writer. Only 24 signed copies are being made available through my store. I might even thrown in some filthy art with your package, free!

254 pages
Published by Life Artners, 2014
ISBN-10: 0692334890
ISBN-13: 978-0692334898
Note: The book is also available to buy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for cheaper— $14.99 to be exact, however they aren't signed and personalized to enjoy reading on your toilet seat from me to you.
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