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JOSHU$A – This Land is Your Land, Fr. Jon Misty, This Land is Mine

Image of JOSHU$A – This Land is Your Land, Fr. Jon Misty, This Land is Mine
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16" x 20"
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Produced in honor of America and its next great president, Father John Misty. There are a few things I truly love about America: Shitty fonts like Bleeding Cowboy (featured font of this print), shitty advertising, shitty fast food, stars, stripes, steel, broadband speed internet, emojis, freedom and the great Father John Misty. There has never been a better time in my great nation's history for Joshua to rule o'er the internet and America. JOSHU$A 2020, that's right. We need him, you need him, America needs him, the internet needs him. Me? BAH, to hell with what I need. (I need a night alone away from my wife and baby boy to enjoy a bucket of fried chicken and Pure Comedy on the record player with a good book in the comfort of my living room. Alone, refueling, inspired, passed out on the couch.)

I made this for you, us, Josh, the internet, and America. U$A! YOU$A! JOSHU$A 2020! Love ya, Padre.

Thank you for your time on the internet,