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Keep Your Depression Away From Me

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"Keep Your Depression Away From Me" is a limited series print of an original painting I produced in 1994. 24 were produced.

UPDATE: 6 remain.

16"W x 20"H
Ships flat, sealed, and insured via USPS Priority.

Shipping & Handling Fees Added During Checkout:
USA: $12 S&H
International: $36 s&h

Expect 7-10 days for delivery in the domestic US states, 10-15 days international. Contact me to arrange a rush shipping option.

Note: The original 16 x 20" painting on canvas belongs to a private collection and is not available to purchase.


"Holiday Depression"

There's something to be said about living in the midwest and being an artist: 1) Guaranteed to be depressed at least 8 to 9 out of 12 months due to consistently awful, gray weather which is minimally offset by the most beautiful sunny days–they occur about 1-2 days a month if lucky, if not less–which causes everyone to have a positivity meltdown. It's fun to observe and process if you understand how outnumbered beautiful days are compared to the gray ones in the midwest. 2) Depressing, dull, gray weather is great for intelligent individuals who do not need the company of human beings, the 'herd mentality,' to be alive and creatively vital. It forces one to soak in as much music and literature as possible to recycle into something else from nothing. 3) Gray weather is great for healthy sexual activities, but protect yourself. Making children in the midwest has life-threatening and expensive side effects which are enabled by the 9-12 months of consistently awful gray weather. 4) Being in the midwest as an artist allows one to be respected everywhere else, which encourages us to leave this fucking place with our characters seasoned to move far west or south east; to enjoy pleasant weather for 9-12 months VS. the statistically overwhelming depression that comes from living in 9-12 months of really awful, miserable gray weather combined with equally gray, mundane, dull, miserable people who have exerted as much inspiration that I can steal ideas from in one lifetime.

Point being: Buy this from my online store to gift someone wonderful and cheerful that you know and love, who also lives in pleasant weather a majority of the year, the joy of depression.

Y'all are the best. Thank you for reading this on the internet. Pet puppies,