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NEW! ORIGINAL: Jarrod, Portrait #4, No Mustache

Image of NEW!  ORIGINAL:  Jarrod, Portrait #4, No Mustache
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Original graphite and ink drawing on linen paper.
Only 1 available.
This is an original.
12.5 x 19"
Linen Paper

Paper is intentionally warped due to an ink wash mixed with water I added to complete a series of portraits titled "Jarrod".

This is one of many from a series of portraits produced in 2015, 2016 and into the future. Real, Original, Positive, Transformational portraits of my home town's leaders and key people met the last few decades. It's a beautiful place (really is) where the kindest, most influential individuals in government and business own the most properties, and preach/market pseudo-strange civic positivity, yet their actions imply anything but the positive. This new series of Jizzy ink and graphite illustrations celebrates my community's two-faced appeal. Their true colors, and private interests, should be celebrated and documented by my arts community. However, even the arts community (most of it, not all) is positively corrupt, politically drunk, civically high and lacking strong identifiable, independent voices: Ballless potatoes! #PO'#TATOES!