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Yankee Hotel Rockford

Image of Yankee Hotel Rockford
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16" x 20" / Limited: 10 produced
UPDATE: 1 LEFT (07.12.17)

Signed, sealed, ships rolled, and insured.
(Domestic S&H Plus Insurance fees included in purchase cost. Additional fee applied for International orders )

"Yankee Hotel Rockford" was produced months ago before a rare, local event was made public for a summer engagement in my city's crown jewel theater. My collage sat idle in a pool of miscommunication for months. Hence, the actual event date on this collage is still missing based on how long ago this was drafted. 10 color proofs were produced to plan the next reproduction phase but it never got that far. All was made ok in the end which rarely happens in my poor, proud, corrupt city. I'm selling 6 of these, 4 are claimed. Once they're gone, gone.

Should also be noted that Joe Tallman, who created an incredible print for the event that you can pick up at Wilco's online store, gave me his blessing. Thanks Joe— check out his work and store at: