The Portrait Of An Artist As A Shark— Or, Summerland, I

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Original Acrylic Painting
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"The Portrait Of An Artist As A Shark Who Prolifically Feeds From Shallow Waters And Irreverent Character Critiques Produced By Socially Starved, Tiny, Ignorant Fish— Or, Summerland, I" is an acrylic painting produced during spring 2017 for a friend's forthcoming vinyl record, "Summerland," by Shadows & Mirrors, due out later in 2017.

It also coincides with a new series of personal work being produced to address what it feels like to be judged by others who have zero reverence for the arts, artists, their work, the value of such work, and more importantly, who they the artists are as people which others in their lives wish they weren't in order to swim with fishes, keep up with the herd, and eventually die with nothing much earned in life but the abilities to show off their awesome lives on social media accounts.

Original Acrylic Painting
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